Muskoka Women's Shelters and Services

Muskoka Women's Advocacy Group

    Freedom from abuse is every woman's right.  


Chrysalis: Local Phone: 705-789-8488

Fax: 705-789-0825, Toll Free: 1-866-789-8488

Interval House: Phone: 705-645-4461

Fax: 705-645-1407, Toll Free: 1-800-461-1740


Mission Statement

Our shelters and services strive to prevent abuse and violence against women and to alleviate their impacts by working to ensure that women feel heard, validated, empowered, respected and supported in the choices they make.  


Our vision is the elimination of oppression, abuse and violence against women, and the creation of a community where the impact of oppression, abuse and violence against women is understood and not tolerated. 


We believe that violence against women, in all its forms, is completely unacceptable.

We believe that feminism is the appropriate response to inequities faced by women.

We believe it is our responsibility to advocate for and with women.

We believe that a key strategy in eradicating violence against women is to educate our service users, our community and ourselves on the issues surrounding sexist violence and their individual and societal impacts. We believe that safety for women and their children is a priority; by providing women with options, we can assist them in staying safe, which also helps them to keep their children safe.

We believe that using a team approach is paramount in providing quality services.

In summary, our values are: